Sidewalk Symphonies

What is Sidewalk Symphonies? 

Local Restaurants reserve a weekly slot on our schedule to participate in a Sidewalk Symphony. Our Nourish team, with assistance from campus radio station WUOG, finds a local band to pair up with the restaurant. The band plays an acoustic set right outside the front doors while promoting the nourish mission and encouraging onlookers to head inside and grab a bite to eat. Restaurant sales increase, local bands get exposure, and customers get a unique dining experience. In return, Nourish asks for a 12% cut which our students will give directly to an organization called “Unite for Africa” this summer as we partner with them to build a Hospital in Kenya.

To see some of our recent Sidewalk Symphonies, look on our News page. 

     Why to get involved?

·         It makes business sense! We’re not asking you for handouts, we’re making a business proposition. We bring you customers, we spread the word about your restaurant, we associate our cause with your establishment, and in return we ask for 12% of sales from the night. We are confident that we will increase your regular Tuesday night business more than 12% so we’re helping each other out.

·         It’s a unique experience for all involved parties! Up and coming bands performing in a non-traditional venue space promoting a good cause.

·         But most of all, in partnering with Nourish International, you and your business will be directly impacting a community on the other side of the world.

If you wold like to get involved or more information, feel free contact us at

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