Nourish International is an organization that thrives on the passion of students all around the country who are taking a new approach to fighting global poverty. Nourish fund raising isn't about asking people for money. Nourish projects aren't about throwing money at problems. We're about engaging our local communities in the fight against global poverty, and empowering impoverished communities to fight on their own behalf. We're about finding international partners in this mission and working together toward the ultimate goal of providing basic human resources to every human being on this planet. 

Here's how we do it:

We provide services and products to our campus and local community in the form of sustainable business ventures. We make a business plan, we volunteer, and we save our profits. 

Next we look into organizations working in creative ways to fight poverty abroad, and find one to partner with. We look for projects that are about bringing impoverished communities together around a common goal and giving them the resources to change their circumstances. 

Finally we travel to the community in need and work with the partner organization- offering the funds that we raise as well as our student volunteers. We work side by side with locals

In the fall, we rally forces, brainstorm ideas, and start the whole process over again.

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